turn your enterprise into a media company.


Easily select video from a repository of more than 3,200,000 licensed TV new clips surrounding dozens of verticals


Self-publish videos through an easy-to-use interface or web embeddable widget. 


Full ad control. Choose text, banner or IAB compliant overlay. Advaned targeting rules allow for clickthrough, geo targeting, ad scheduling and more. 


Design your own custom branded player. Use your own logo, colors and player sizes. When you're ready, embed the player on your site with a simple copy/paste. 

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clip premium is the first online video solution that combines your own video assets with video produced by local TV stations into a single platform. Marketing and communications professionals can easily select and add video from a repository of 3,200,000 licensed local TV new clips surrounding dozens of verticals. With clip premium, you get: 

  • An easy-to-use interface that allows self-publishing and editing of video assets.
  • Customized ads and messaging to align with a custom player and playlist.
  • Embed codes across online properties and content partner sites to expand your paid, earned, shared and owned communication strategy. 

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